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Shisei-En Garden

David Nguy's Shisei-En garden is located in Chino, CA and the home to the Chino Bonsai Club.  Chino Bonsai Club monthly meetings are held at Shisei-En.  David Nguy's garden is one of the largest in California and boasts a large collection of California Junipers, one of bonsai's most coveted material.  

Driving by, you may see our large Torii gate, but for a true immersive bonsai experience, you'll need to come see the inside for yourself. New and seasoned enthusiasts appreciate the vast variety of bonsai species and fully styled show trees on display.  Shisei-En also features a vast collection of imported pots, both from China and Japan. Take a walk through our Japanese Black Pine section and California Juniper raw material. We love to welcome guests. 



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Bonsai Garden Tour : A Visit to David Nguy's Shisei-En
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